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Residential Cleaning

Performed by trained staff who are bonded and fully insured. After each clean, you will be left with a check sheet of tasks completed as well as an opportunity for you to provide a rating on our services. We encourage our clients to provide timely feedback through our website. Go to the feedback form on the contact page, then complete all the required fields on the e-form. We encourage you to provide feedback within 24 hours after you have had a chance to inspect our work. Rate us 1 to 10 so we know how well we are doing and indicate if there are areas where you would like us to pay special attention to. By submitting feedback, it will allow us to make adjustments to future cleans.

Commercial Cleaning

It can be scheduled during, or after, regular business hours.  We work with the client to schedule services that work best for the business. We have a wide range of accounts from land offices to company staff houses. We can create a cleaning profile that will best suit your environment. Cleans can be conducted weekly, biweekly, or monthly. YOU have the control to decide which profile works best for your business needs. As with residential cleaning, we leave a checklist for all commercial clients and encourage feedback through our website e-form.

Cancellation Policy - we realize that events can happen that require you to make a change in plans. We take pride in scheduling staff to clean your space and ask that all clients provide 48 hours cancellation notice.

New Services

Home Security Checks

Now available! When you travel and are away from your home, security checks are often required by your insurance company. The frequency of these checks does vary with each insurance company, so please consult them prior to booking our service. We can present your home as though it is still being lived in.

Included in a home security check:

  •  A complete walk-through of the house
  •  Plant watering (if less than 15 minutes)
  •  Interior and exterior light control
  •  Opening and closing blinds
  •  Trash taken out
  •  Radio and TV turned off or on
  •  Flushing toilets
  •  Bringing in the mail
  •  Mail forwarding
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The Pink Wand Credit Cards

We offer Pink wand Cleaning Credit Cards! “Give the Gift of Clean”

the pink wand cleaning card

The Pink Wand