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Thursday, January 21, 2016

We have some very talented and dedicated staff. We thought with the start of the new year it would be nice to help them out a bit with their endeavours outside of work with The Pink Wand. Check out these ladies and support them it you need their services. We bet they would like a “like” or follow on their page as well.

Sarah C. – MamaCoutie Creations

Handmade custom crochet pieces.

MamaCoutie Creations is a home-based and online local business, making and selling custom handmade crochet items. I create everything from blankets, hats, scarves, cowls, mittens and everything baby; but also create custom dog sweaters. Crocheting is a primitive skill and a dying art form that not many have the know-how or the desire to learn; yet everyone LOVES those handmade items! My passion is to bring this beautiful art back to life in our modern world and made available for everyone near and far. I love being able to share this craft with customers and provide them with the joys and comfort that all handmade items possess and capture them for a lifetime.




My name is Sarah Kustra and I am a certified, professional makeup artist graduated from Eveline Charles Academy. Makeup has always been my passion, and it wasn’t until this year that I decided it was time to invest in doing what I love most. Growing up I was a very self conscious young girl and struggled with many insecurities. This prompted me to turn to makeup in hopes of creating a more beautiful self image for myself. Being a Makeup Artist is an extremely rewarding job, and it is very fulfilling knowing I have the ability to give someone a little boost of confidence!

sarahkustra – Personal Instagram

makeupbyskk – business Instagram


My name is Amy Ponka and I sell Scentsy. I have been a consultant for over three years now and love the product. If I can help you with your Scentsy needs or if you want to check out anything new please contact me. My website is and you can find all my contact info there 🙂

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