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What’s New with Us?

We thought it was time to let you know what is new a The Pink Wand these days…. We offer tile and grout deep cleaning: Our trained technicians begin by inspecting your floor to determine the best treatment process and proper cleaning agent. Next, using our tile steam cleaner which achieves high pressure water, high heat and vacuum combination will extract dirt from deep within the tile and the pores of your grout. Once the tile is clean and dry we apply a finishing coat… Continue Reading


Pink Wand: Now in Calgary!

We have exciting news… our first franchise is in the works! We are staying close to home and focusing on the Calgary area! What makes us different you may ask!? Our staff – the quality consistency and reliability we offer. Our staff are long term dedicated professionals, who are familiar with your home and lifestyle! We are dedicated to our craft and look forward to this new area of growth! Tell your friends in Calgary! Now they can also have the Pink Wand Cleaning experience. GET… Continue Reading


How we discovered my 9 year old had Lyme Disease

June 2015 after a family trip to Pittsburgh,  we came home to find my daughter, Ryan, only a few weeks later was sick.  It started with flu like symptoms and she would spend days of her summer vacation feeling lethargic and on the couch. One day she would have energy and the next day she just would not be herself.  Two weeks later, we headed to our lake lot and Ryan got covered in a bulls-eye rash. We took her to see our family doctor… Continue Reading

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