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Jacqui Nominated for Amazing Airdrie Women

In the midst of a difficult economy Jacqui Jepson is running a successful business and at the same time dealing with her two daughters’ serious health issues. “She is just amazing,” says Mandy Lines. “I admire her perseverance and determination.” Voting open now, read the article here and see all of the other Amazing Airdrie Women

The Pink Wand.

The Pink Wand Wins Family-Friendly Business Award

This year we were fortunate to be nominated alongside several great businesses in Airdrie for the Family Friendly Business Award. We are thrilled to have been selected as the winner for this award! Airdrie has a thriving small business community, and the annual Airdrie Business Awards recognize local businesses that have shown exceptional practices, a family friendly atmosphere, environmental leadership and early growth. “Winning the Family Friendly award was especially important to me,” says The Pink Wand owner Jacqui Jepson. “This year I really had… Continue Reading


Expanding in the name of family

The biggest reason for our expansion to the Olds and Didsbury area is to help my Grandma out with things around their house. Her husband had a stroke a while back and they are finding it difficult to keep up with the house. So Pink Wand to the rescue! Follow our page to hear more about our day out with Grandma and her life around Didsbury. Hear why she loves the Pink Wand Cleaning Services here.

The Pink Wand