Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide our clients with impeccable, pristine, and affordable cleaning and home organizational services. To be trusted by our clients and to thrive on referrals!


The Pink Wand Story

The Pink Wand has a simple philosophy. We have a profound love for homemaking and providing exceptional customer service.. Jacqui saw an opportunity to form a company based on this belief. After realizing this, it seemed like a no-brainer to take this approach and staff her dream home cleaning service accordingly.

“A business will thrive if you have heart, soul, and passion for what you do!”

Jacqui has built a team of trustworthy, reliable, and confident people. All enjoy and believe in the culture that The Pink Wand offers. Their support for one another ensures the company schedule is adhered to. Teams set out daily to clean and organize homes throughout the Airdrie and Calgary regions. Large cleaning companies will typically dispatch different cleaners per visit. Here at The Pink Wand, every attempt is made to assign the same staff to the client. This approach will provide our clients with a sense of comfort knowing who is cleaning their home.

“Every client is different. How they want their home cleaned; when they want it cleaned. We appreciate this and do our best to assign our staff according to the clients needs.”